Beautiful Blood

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Anonymous said: Can you suggest some good flickr accounts to follow for blood and grunge?

I honestly can’t. I look through tags for what I post. 
If you or anyone else has a flickr that has blood photography tell me

wait wait actually I just found rozonodochuban and she posts occasional blood. she’s also an amazing photographer. 

I’m still learning how to use flickr. 

I’m researching bloodletting and I ran across this precious gem of a website
The Atlanta Vampire Alliance. 
Georgia, why? 

Anonymous said: Any blood bath pictures?

Horror blood bath? 

(Source: berrym, via setbabiesonfire)

Anonymous said: Have you got any pictures of bruises? Idk I'm addicted to them atm

Like 2 or 3 in my archive and maybe one in my queue. I can do some digging. I don’t really love them so I forget about them whenever I’m browsing flickr.